What Else Can Cut-Proof Gloves Do, Besides Pick Up White Blades With Empty Hands?

Anti-cut gloves have excellent anti-cut performance and wear resistance, making them high quality hand labor protection products.
A pair of cut-proof gloves can last as long as 500 pairs of ordinary thread gloves.
The gloves are made with a fine nitrile frosted coating that effectively resists sharp knife cuts while retaining the comfort and elasticity of the glove, protecting the palm from injury.What else can cut-proof gloves do besides protect against knives?

Operation of such tools as grinder, palm is easy to be supplied by flying debris, especially when cutting metal hot red iron filings, wearing anti-cutting gloves can not only prevent flying debris, by rotating grinding wheel gently brush will not be injured.
Cutting gloves can protect hands when handling iron, freshly cut metal that can easily cut hands.
Barbed wire is also a sharp weapon to hurt people, wear anti-cut gloves deliberately touch the sharp point, bending wire will not be hurt, the palm and fingertip of the skid coating, some small switches can also be easily operated.
It's also important to enjoy the process before enjoying the achievements of DIY. Cut-proof gloves can protect your hands while doing rough DIY at home.
In addition to construction injuries, we are also easy to be scratched by cats, wear anti-cut gloves to manicure cat nails, you will have a different experience.
HPPE nitrile frosted anti-cutting gloves adopt new type of jaw strengthening, nitrile frosted material, suitable for automobile, processing and other heavy industry.Not only that, but also has the performance of anti-stab, anti-slip, dust-free, anti-oil, wear resistance, gloves feel slightly cool, comfortable to wear, but also easy to clean.

What Else Can Cut-Proof Gloves Do, Besides Pick Up White Blades With Empty Hands?

Gloves adopt double layer design, the outer layer is nitrile frosted, with anti-slip, increase friction, grasp ability;The inner layer is made of nitrile smooth dipping glue, anti-oil, anti-slip, no oil seepage, suitable for heavy industry, heavy oil industry.
The main materials are HPPE (high strength polyethylene) + nitrile frosted coating and spandex, which makes the gloves have high strength anti-cut ability, improve elastic comfort, and more convenient application.

Post time: Apr-25-2023