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Jiangsu Perfect Safety Technology Co., Ltd. located in xuyi country huai’an city Yangte river delta area is a well-known enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of safety gloves.

Our company founded in 2010. Main products are kinds of stretch yarn, color yarn, annual output 1200 ton, kinds of knitting glove, annual output 1.5 million dozens, and kinds of dipping glove, annual output 3 million dozens.

Company’s History


Our company is founded in 2010. Now our company covers about 30000㎡, has more than 300 employees , various kinds of dipping production lines with annual output 4 million dozens, more than 1000 knitting machines with annual output 1.5 million dozens, and several yarn productiong lines crimper machines with annual output 1200 ton. Our company sets spinning, knitting and dipping at an organic whole, and forms a solid production management, quality supervision, sales and service as scientific operation systerm. Our company produces various kinds of natural latex, nitrile, PU and PVC gloves, and other special protective gloves, such as cut resistant, high temperature resistant, shockproof gloves, yarn gloves, multi-purpose nitrile gloves and other 200 varieties.


In 2013, our company introduced dye equipment and wrap yarn including bobbin dyeing low elastic polyester yarn, bobbin dyeing cotton yarn, beck dyeing skein, bread yarn, hang dyeing half cashmere and so on, annual output 1000 tons, wrap spandex and hot melt yarn, annual output 500 tons, widely used in glove, garment material, cotton jersey and others. At same year, introduced 10 shirr production line, widely used in glove, sock and other knitting products, annual output 350 tons. By unremitting efforts of our sales team, our products are exported to India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Pakistan, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Spain, etc.


In 2014, our company renewal, founded trade department, introduced several advanced automatic labor protection glove production lines, doing knitting, overlocking, washing, dipping, packing and checking in an organic whole. Our company has always been committed to R&D and production, including nitrile dipping, latex dipping, PU dipping and PVC dipping, hundreds of other varieties, annual output nearly 3 million dozens, sell to Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and other regions, widely used in petroleum, agriculture, chemical industry, machinery, and other fields.

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Jiangsu Perfect Safety Technology Co., Ltd. with all staff welcome customers to guide and negotiate. Our company will meet your requirement with sincere price and service.

Jiangsu Perfect Safety Technology Co.,Ltd with all staff welcome customers to guide and negotiate. We creat a better tomorrow together.