The Classification And Selection Of Labor Protection Gloves By Hand

Safety protection, "hand" will bear when its blunt. Hand is the most frequently used part in daily work, and in all kinds of industrial accidents, hand injuries accounted for more than 20%. Proper use and wearing of protective gloves can greatly reduce or avoid hand injuries. Therefore, hand protection is particularly important.

Today let's meet a few members of the labor glove family. How many do you know?

Cotton Gloves
Cotton glove is a kind of cotton fiber machine woven gloves, with strong and durable, breathable and comfortable characteristics, is one of the most commonly used gloves, widely used in all walks of life, so people will call it labor protection gloves.Commonly used cotton gloves are between 7-13 stitches, 400-800g.

Disposable Glove
Disposable gloves are a class of gloves made of thin rubber sheets or films.Usually plastic, latex, nitrile and other materials.
Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of disposable gloves made of different materials

☆ Disposable plastic gloves
Generally used in non-professional Settings
Advantage: Low price
Disadvantages: inflexibility, poor durability and fit
☆ Disposable latex gloves
Usually used in professional Settings
Advantages: Flexibility, high durability
Disadvantages: not resistant to animal grease corrosion, easy to allergies
☆ Disposable nitrile gloves
Improved for latex gloves
Advantages: animal grease corrosion resistance, not allergic
Disadvantages: Relatively high price

The Classification And Selection Of Labor Protection Gloves By Hand

Coated Gloves
The classification of coated gloves is complicated. According to the material of glove core, dipping method and dipping material, various types of gloves can be combined.
Different types of gloves are suitable for different industries and working conditions, for example:

☆ PU anti-static gloves: with anti-static effect, suitable for non-static precision instrument industry, electronic industry, etc.
☆ Polyester knitted nitrile palm immersion gloves: with skin-friendly and comfortable, breathable and quick drying characteristics, suitable for long time work.
☆ Anti-cutting gloves: HPPE high-density anti-cutting line, can provide good anti-cutting performance, suitable for cutting operations, metal glass processing operations.

Cloth/leather Gloves
As the name implies, cloth gloves are made of canvas, strong and durable, suitable for warehousing, logistics, handling operations and other environments.
Leather gloves are divided into full leather and half leather. They are also suitable for warehousing, logistics and handling.
Welding gloves are on the basis of leather gloves, add high temperature fire resistant thread sewing special, in welding, high temperature and other working conditions, the most popular, efficient heat insulation, protect hand safety.

So many protective gloves, isn't it dazzling?Keep an eye on Pfeiffer care products and we will continue to bring you interesting industry knowledge and quality product information.

Post time: Apr-25-2023