Nitrile Gloves For Industrial Use

Industrial operations involve a lot of hazards, whether it is contact with sharp tools, parts, or unavoidable oil, will cause hand injuries and other hazards.In the absence of any proper protective measures, improper operation of employees can lead to life risk.
Therefore, industrial personnel usually work with certain protective equipment, the most basic is to wear protective nitrile gloves.However, not all gloves can be used in industry. They must contain the following features:

1. The grip strength
Oil stains can be removed from the surface of nitrile gloves in time, to ensure that excellent grasp ability can be provided under different conditions of dry and wet, to avoid the danger of instrument parts falling to hurt the staff, reduce the occurrence of accidents.Such nitrile gloves are the protective nitrile gloves needed by industrial personnel.
Some nitrile gloves on the market are designed to have a pockmarked or diamond-textured surface in order to provide a good grip on the hands of industrial workers.
2. Tear resistance
In industrial operations, workers often use sharp tools or parts, such as tweezers, drivers and screws.In freehand operation, it is easy to scratch the skin, resulting in bacterial infection and other risks.
Therefore, protective nitrile gloves with high tear resistance and puncture resistance can effectively reduce the damage of sharp tools or parts on the hand, and are often the best choice for industrial personnel.

Nitrile Gloves For Industrial Use

3. Corrosion resistance
In daily work, industrial personnel are also frequently exposed to many chemicals, such as oil and lubricating oil in the auto repair industry.It contains a lot of chemicals that are harmful to the human body, which cause health hazards after being absorbed by the human body through the skin.
Industrial workers need a pair of protective nitrile gloves to protect their hands from harmful chemicals during the appropriate working hours.
4. The comfort
Traditionally, nitrile gloves are considered very inconvenient.Once worn, the hand response will become dull and the operation is not sensitive enough.
With the improvement of nitrile glove technology, this old concept has been gradually broken, for example: Pufit nitrile gloves wear for a long time still no sense of fatigue, as if nitrile gloves will automatically remember the hand shape, fit comfortably.

Post time: Apr-25-2023