How to choose anti-cutting gloves?

There are many types of anti-cut gloves on the market at present, whether the quality of anti-cut gloves is good, which is not easy to wear out, how to choose, in order to avoid the wrong choice?

Some cut-resistant gloves on the market are printed with the word "CE" on the back, "CE" is the meaning of a certain type of conformity certificate?

The "CE" mark is a security certificate that is regarded as a passport visa for manufacturers to open and sell to European markets. CE stands for CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE. The original CE is the meaning of the European standard, so in addition to following the en standard, what specifications must be followed?

Safety protective gloves against mechanical equipment are critical in accordance with en standard EN 388, the latest version is the 2016 version number, and the American standard ANSI/ISEA 105, the latest version is also 2016.

The expression for the level of cutting resistance is different in the two specifications.

Cut-resistant gloves certified according to the en standard will have a picture of a large shield with the words "EN 388" on it. Four or six digits of data and letters below the shield pattern. If it is 6 digits of data and English letters, it indicates that the new EN 388:2016 specification is used, if it is 4 digits, it indicates that the old 2003 specification is used.

The meaning of the first four digits is the same, respectively, "wear resistance", "cut resistance", "rebound resilience", "puncture resistance", the larger the data, the better the characteristics.

The fifth English letter also indicates "cutting resistance", but the test standard is not the same as the test standard of the second data, and the method of indicating the cutting resistance level is not the same, which will be discussed in detail in the following article.

The sixth English letter indicates "impact resistance", which is also indicated in English letters. However, only when the impact resistance test is carried out will there be a sixth digit data, and if not, there is always a five-digit data.

Although the 2016 en standard has been in use for more than four years, there are still many older versions of gloves on the market. The anti-cut gloves verified by the new and old user specifications are all standard gloves, but it is more strongly recommended to choose the anti-cut gloves with 6-digit data and English letters to indicate the characteristics of the gloves.

Post time: Aug-16-2023