Can anti-cutting gloves really prevent knife cutting?

Anti-cutting gloves can prevent knives from cutting, and wearing anti-cutting gloves can effectively avoid the hand from being scratched by knives. Anti-cut gloves are an important and indispensable classification in labor protection gloves, which can greatly reduce the accidental cuts encountered by our hands in the work project, and it is completely necessary to use it.

From the appearance point of view, anti-cut gloves and ordinary cotton gloves and no difference, mainly by the wrist, palm, back of the hand, fingers and other 4 parts of the composition, wearing anti-cut gloves, from the wrist to the fingertips can be in a safe and effective anti-cut range, with easy to put on and off, good air permeability, flexible finger bending, but also anti-static, easy to clean and other advantages.

Principles of anti-cutting gloves

Three special materials

The reason why anti-cutting gloves can prevent knife cutting is mainly because there are three special materials inside it, which are HPPE (high polymeric polyethylene fiber), stainless steel wire and core-covered yarn.

High polymeric polyethylene fiber

High polymeric polyethylene fiber has impact resistance and anti-cutting properties, and also has unique advantages in protection against chemical corrosion and wear resistance.


anti-cutting gloves prevent knife cutting

Stainless steel wire

The steel wire used in anti-cutting gloves is high-quality stainless steel wire, that is, rare metal elements such as chromium, manganese, nickel are added to the stainless steel material to maximize the strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, tensile resistance and other requirements, and then through special processing, wearing on the hand feels very soft.

Core yarn

The core-covered yarn used for anti-cutting gloves is generally made of synthetic fiber filament with good strength and elasticity as the core yarn, with short fibers such as cotton, wool, viscose fiber, and then twisted and spun together, and has the comprehensive excellent properties of filament core yarn and outsourced short fiber.


Post time: Aug-16-2023