13g Nylon Liner, Plam Coated Black Smooth Nitrile


Gauge 13
Liner Material Nylon
Coating Type 3/4 coated
Coating Smooth nitrile
Package 12/120
Size 6-12(XS-XXL)
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Introducing our high-quality knitted polyester gloves, designed with the best materials to provide optimum protection and comfort while ensuring maximum flexibility and ease of use in a range of work environments.

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Cuff Tightness Elastic Origin Jiangsu
Length Customized Trademark Customized
Color Optional Delivery time About 30 days
Transport Package Carton Production Capacity 3 Million Pairs/Month

Product Features

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Our gloves are made from an economy knitted polyester glove core that is both lightweight and comfortable. This allows you to work in a variety of environments with ease, without wearing yourself down.

Our gloves are not only comfortable to wear but are also flexible to operate, meaning you have full control over your hands at all times. This is vital when you need to complete intricate tasks that require a high degree of sophistication.

To ensure you get the best possible performance from our gloves, we have coated them with nitrile rubber. Our nitrile rubber coating provides excellent oil and corrosion resistance, ensuring that our gloves remain durable and high-performing even after long-term use.

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Features . The tight knitted liner gives the glove a perfect fit, super comfort and dexterity
. Breathable coating keeps hands ultra cool and try
. Excellent grip in wet and dry conditions that improves work effeciency
. Excellent dexterity, sensitivity and tactility
Applications . Light engineering work
. Automotive industry
. Oily materials handling
. General assembly

Best Choice

With our gloves' high wear resistance, you know they are built to last, and you can trust that they will provide exceptional protection every time you put them on.

Whether you are working in manufacturing, construction, or any other industry that requires a high degree of protection for your hands, our gloves are the perfect choice for you. With our gloves' combination of knitted polyester core, lightweight design, and nitrile rubber coating, you can work with ease and confidence, knowing that you are well protected.

With our gloves' long-term wear capabilities, you can also be sure that they will stand up to the rigors of an industrial work environment, meaning you won't need to replace them as often.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a high-quality, durable, and comfortable pair of gloves for your work environment, look no further than our knitted polyester gloves with nitrile rubber coating. Order yours today and start experiencing the comfort and protection that only our gloves can offer.


Production Process

Production Process

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