13g HPPE Liner, Plam Coated PU


Gauge 13
Liner Material HPPE
Coating Type Palm coated
Coating PU
Package 12/120
Size 6-12(XS-XXL)
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Introducing our most recent invention: cut-resistant gloves with HPPE fibres that are PU coated. These gloves, which were created to suit the requirements of heavy-duty applications, provide the highest level of cut resistance and good mechanical abrasion resistance.

13g HPPE liner, plam coated PU (5)
13g HPPE liner, plam coated PU (4)
13g HPPE liner, plam coated PU (6)
13g HPPE liner, plam coated PU (2)
13g HPPE liner, plam coated PU (3)
13g HPPE liner, plam coated PU (1)
Cuff Tightness Elastic Origin Jiangsu
Length Customized Trademark Customized
Color Optional Delivery time About 30 days
Transport Package Carton Production Capacity 3 Million Pairs/Month

Product Features

13g HPPE liner, plam coated PU (5)

The gloves are made with HPPE (High-Performance Polyethylene) fiber, a lightweight and flexible material that provides superior cut-resistant performance without compromising on sensitivity to touch. This means that you can accomplish tasks with precision and ease, while having the peace of mind that your hands are protected from sharp objects and blades.

With a specially formulated PU coating, these gloves offer a good grip in wet and oily environments. The coating ensures that the gloves maintain their grip even when handling slippery or greasy objects, making them a must-have for industrial and commercial settings where workers come in contact with grease, oil, or other liquids.

13g HPPE liner, plam coated PU (4)
Features • 13G liner offers cut resistance performance protection and reduces the risk of contact with sharp tools in some processing industries and mechanical applications.
•  PU coating on palm is more resistant to dirt, oil and abrasion and perfect for wet and oily working environments.
•  cut-resistant fiber provides better sensitivity and anti-cut protection while keeping the hands cool and comfortable.
Applications General Maintenance
Transportation & Warehousing
Mechanical Assembly
Automobile Industry
Metal & Glass Manufacture

Best Choice

These gloves are designed to be incredibly flexible and pleasant to wear, allowing for maximum hand dexterity and ease of movement. The gloves are designed to fit securely around your hands, giving full coverage and great protection for your palms, fingers, and even your wrists.

These gloves can be used for a variety of tasks, including construction, automotive, metalworking, and more. They are also great for do-it-yourself tasks, gardening, and other activities that require the use of sharp or dangerous instruments.

Overall, our PU coated cut-resistant gloves with HPPE fiber are a versatile and reliable choice for anyone who needs high-level protection, flexibility, and comfort. Choose these gloves today and experience the difference they can make in your daily routine.

Production Process

Production Process

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