13g Bamboo Fiber Liner, Palm Coated Foam Latex


Gauge 13
Liner Material Bamboo fiber
Coating Type Palm coated
Coating Foam latex
Package 12/120
Size 6-12(XS-XXL)
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Introducing our amazing Knitted Acrylic Gloves! These gloves are of world-class standard and are designed to meet your needs. With their exquisite, knitted acrylic core, they are the perfect combination of comfort and flexibility. They are thin and lightweight, so you will hardly feel them while wearing them. This makes them perfect for use in a wide range of applications, including construction work, handling tools, and much more.

amboo fiber liner, palm coated foam latex (4)
amboo fiber liner, palm coated foam latex (5)
amboo fiber liner, palm coated foam latex (3)
amboo fiber liner, palm coated foam latex (2)
amboo fiber liner, palm coated foam latex (1)
amboo fiber liner, palm coated foam latex (6)
Cuff Tightness Elastic Origin Jiangsu
Length Customized Trademark Customized
Color Optional Delivery time About 30 days
Transport Package Carton Production Capacity 3 Million Pairs/Month

Product Features

amboo fiber liner, palm coated foam latex (5)

Sustainable raw materials and renewable bamboo fibers are used in the inner lining, making the gloves highly sensitive and able to accurately fit the hand shape within minutes of wearing

One of the key benefits of our Foam Gloves is that they minimize sweating and stuffy palms. This is because our gloves are designed with both the air permeability of a glove liner and the added breathable properties of the rubber surface.

The rubber surface of our Foam Gloves is like a fine sponge that is softer, warmer and more delicate than typical glove surfaces. Additionally, our gloves are designed to be highly permeable, allowing air to flow freely to your skin, keeping you refreshed and cool.

amboo fiber liner, palm coated foam latex (3)
Features . The tight knitted liner gives the glove a perfect fit, super comfort and dexterity
. Breathable coating keeps hands ultra cool and try
. Excellent grip in wet and dry conditions that improves work effeciency
. Excellent dexterity, sensitivity and tactility
Applications . Light engineering work
. Automotive industry
. Oily materials handling
. General assembly

Best Choice

The gloves are available in different sizes to fit different hand sizes, making them perfect for both men and women. With their sleek design and excellent features, these gloves are a must-have for anyone who values comfort, safety, and durability. They are perfect for use in a variety of industries, including construction, automotive, manufacturing, and landscaping, among others.

In conclusion, our Knitted Acrylic Gloves are a perfect blend of comfort, flexibility, and optimal safety features. They provide a great experience during usage, with latex texture dipping coating providing excellent anti-slip function without losing flexibility and making it more durable, and are the perfect solution for anyone who needs reliable gloves for any job. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own one of the best gloves on the market. Buy our Knitted Acrylic Gloves now and enjoy the peace of mind they provide!

Production Process

Production Process

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